Hacker arrested for hacking into Vietnam’s anti-virus company BKAV

A man who hacked into Viet Nam’s top Internet security firm BKAV has been arrested. Bkav worked with Police to arrest the man after the attack paralysed the company’s website for several days, Bkav director Nguyen Tu Quang said.

On Feb 2, 2012, the hacker defaced the BKAV  website by uploading the defacement page “hacked.html”.  Also he leaked its forum database in public. Initially the hacker published the leaked the dump.sql (565MB) in the forum site itself , but it was quickly removed by admin.   The dump contains the details of 130,000 user account(emails, encrypted password).

Police tracked the IP address of the hacker and arrested him, seized two laptops believed to have been used in the attack.

The hacker, who admitted his offence, was identified as a computer security employee of an IT company in Ha Noi, BKAV said.

Director of BKAV’s internet security department, Nguyen Minh Duc said “As we have said many times, any cyber attack will sooner or later be discovered”. Yes, it is true.

Deputy head of the Police’s Department’s hi-tech criminal unit Tran Van Hoa said cyber attacks had increased in recent years, resulting in negative affects to the country.

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