Zone-h has been infected with Malware by Robot Pirates

he Hackers heaven, Zone-H, an archive of defaced websites, has been infected by a malware. Robot Pirates Team claimed responsibility for this attack.

The whole website is not infected but few pages uploaded by hackers infected by malware.  Hackers didn’t mention what method they used to inject malware in the website.

When we analyze the website with Google Diagnostic tool, we found 58 pages infected with malware. When the last time google visited the site on 2012-02-21, they found suspicious content. The website infected with Malicious software includes 213 trojan(s), 15 exploit(s), 14 scripting exploit(s).

Malicious software is hosted on 23 domain(s). 28 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site.

Anyway the is not currently listed in google as suspicious. It seems that they cleaned the malware.  We are very thankful to Google Diagnostic tool, it is very helpful to identify the malware infected page.

When we analyze the site with McAfee Sitevisitor, it displays the website is safe?! It seems that their result is based on the current analyze, they should display the past analyze report also like Google.

McAfee Sitevisitor result:

Last month, Hackers HcJ & Cyb3R-1sT & Egyptian.H4x0rZ & Sas-TerrOrisT & H311 c0d3 defaced the and left a message to the zone-h website.


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