Buzz about the New iPad

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Thu, Mar 8 – 3:25 am ET

Buzz about the New iPad

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New iPadApple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad on Wednesday. The third version of the tablet, simply called the iPad, is faster and offers a sharper display than the previous models. The device features what Apple calls a “Retina” display, which displays 3.1 million pixels. The new version also offers a sharper camera, and voice dictation in four languages, using a keyboard microphone. Thenew Ipad will be available on March 16 and Apple is taking pre-orders right now.

As for price, the new iPad starts at $499 for a Wi-Fi-only model with 16 GB of storage and jumps up to $599 for a 32 GB version and $699 for 64 GB. You can also get 4G data access when Wi-Fi isn’t available — the 4G models will be priced at $629, $729 and $829, respectively. Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 with a price reduction of $100 — so the basic one will be now priced at $399.


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