DRONE Bluetooth Smartphone And Tablets Controller (video)

A new smart controller concept is currently on the Kickstarter website looking to make the jump to production, called the DRONE to make it easier to play applications on mobile devices.

The DRONE open source controller has been designed to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic solution for playing games on your smartphone or tablet. Watch the video after the break created by DRONES developers to explain the concept in more detail.



The DRONE has been created and developed by Evolution Controllers, which consists of Matthew Hefferon, Ren Livingston and Adam Weisgerber.

“It’s an Open Source, Bluetooth, portable game controller for Smartphones and Tablets. You can now play all your favorite emulators using a real controller. Our controller is open source so you can upload your own code to modify the characteristics of the controller. This is all done on the Arduino platform.”

So if you think you could benefit from a dedicated smartphone or tablet controller, DRONE needs $60,000 to make it to production. So jump over to the Kickstarter website to make your pledge  of $65 to bag a DRONE now.



Source: Ubergizmo : Kickstarter


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