Beautiful gesture-based calculator app will make you want to do some math

You’re probably not in the market for a new calculator app, but in the case that you are (or if you are a design junkie), then you’ll want to check out the video above. The Rechner Calculator brings great design, interesting colors, and a gesture-based UI to the humble calculator.

This app has a handsome layout and slick gesture controls, just as you would expect from a premium option. It’s reminiscent of Clear, the much-hyped ToDo list app which differentiated itself from any number of similar products solely on its design, UI, and gesture controls.

The Rechner Calculator has gesture controls for the most common functions (+, -, =, clear) and then hidden buttons for the rest (*, /, ±, √, %, and erase). According to the app’s notes this calculator is 200% more efficient than the competition, a number that might help you justify the purchase but seems like it would be hard to prove (or disprove). There don’t appear to be any advanced functions, or even the standard MR, MC, M+, M-, so for anything aside from day-to-day calculations you’ll have to go to the stock iPhone calculator and turn it sideways, just like normal (or buy a more powerful app).

At 99 cents the Rechner Calculator looks to be something pretty that you can impulse buy for yourself. Maybe you’ll get a few minutes of pleasure out of it, maybe you’ll put on a skinny tie, shirtsleeves, and frameless glasses and use it every day. Either way, it looks like a nice alternative to the standard, and quite passable, iOS calculator app.

calculator app

The company behind the app is Aeliox, who also made Delay — a great looking reminder app.


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