Harry Potter Wizards Collection brings home all eight movies on a ridiculous 31 discs (video)

http://www.viddler.com/simple/12c6e161/Now that all of the Harry Potter movies have been released, Warner Bros. has seen fit to slide them together in one truly epic set. Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection spans 31 discs including the theatrical version of each movie, extended cuts of the first two flicks, 3D versions of the last two, Ultraviolet digital copies and several bonus discs with ten hours of new to disc bonus content and 5 hours of never before seen extras. Of course, we should also mention the incredibly detailed box it all comes in, seen in the CG video above. Of course, you can’t always have everything, and some fans are upset are upset about what this collection doesn’t include — extended versions of the last six movies. Those still interested can preorder the $400 MSRP set (currently selling $349 on Amazon) for delivery September 7th, and get an early preview of one of the special features embedded after the break.

By aahlad78 Posted in News

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