James Cameron Successfully Descends To The Deepest Point On Earth (video)

Last week James Cameron was preparing to his Deepsea Challenger one-man mini submarine to to dive down over 36,000ft, to the deepest point on earth. Well now James Cameron has completed the descent and successfully returned front the bottom of the 7 mile Marianas Trench. Around three times as deep as the resting place of the Titanic.

James Cameron Deepsea Challenger


At the bottom of the trench the pressure excerpted on Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger one-man mini submarine was a massive 15,969 PSI. While on the bottom of the ocean Cameron was able to send a Tweet “Just arrived at the ocean’s deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good, Can’t wait to share what I’m seeing w/ you.”

Cameron now hopes to share the footage with the world revealing the bottom of the Marianas Trench and the animals that reside there.

James Cameron Deepsea Challenger


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