First Video Of James Camerons Record Breaking 7 Mile Dive Released (video)

National Geographic has released the first video of James Cameron’s historic dive to the deepest point on earth. Cameron completed the dive yesterday in his Deepsea Challenger one-man mini submarine, which he used to dive down over 36,000ft.

During the dive Cameron hoped to bring back samples from the ocean’s floor but problems with his subs hydraulics systems forced him to come back empty handed this time.

James Cameron Deep Sea Challenge Expedition


However the lights and cameras on the sub worked fine and brought back images of his dive for all to see. At the bottom of the trench the pressure excerpted on Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger one-man mini submarine was a massive 15,969 PSI.

Cameron is now planning his next journey to the ocean depths an hopes to return to the Challenger Deep trench shortly to expire it more.


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