TechnoFreeze, look no further.

Our photos and contents are gathered from a variety of sources on the internet and we do our best cite those sources. We use images mainly from twitter, twitpic, tumblr, facebook, flickr, google images, and more. However, some photos retrieved from the vast internet do not come with sources and we simply can’t help that. We understand the hard work that goes into taking these pictures and want to give credit where credit is due.

We at TechnoFreeze help people to know about the technology as Fast as possible. we merely collect sources from different sites across the globe and uniting it at one place. we accept that we have no credit for all the matter posted here. They all belong to their respective Owners or Author we mention then clearly at the end of every post .we also ask our visitors to vist the source site’s. This helps them to gain Traffic and revenue through ads.

All copyrighted material belongs to the original owners. If you want any copyrighted material removed, please let us know or email at technofreeze@gmail.com (OR) leave a comment  before taking any legal action.

Remember it’s all in the spirit of FUN! And Please Don’t Sue Us!!!! ;)


18 comments on “Disclaimer

  1. How’s it going? I just started a site called Watercooler Report (watercoolerreport.com), and am looking for contributors. The idea of the site is to have anyone be able to post their opinion about recent news, as well as interesting news. Would you be interested in posting some of your material there? The site still is under construction, but will be running within the next few weeks. You could write a short bio in the author section, and hopefully it could help you get some extra publicity if it picks up. Let me know if you would be interested.


  2. The offer is that you can register on the site and I can give you a contributor account. You can post everything you post here on there as well to get more exposure, and in the author bio section, you can put a short bio and link back to this blog if you like. It would be a way to get more exposure and get your name out there.

  3. Your articles would go under the Technology section. You can also post any opinion articles you may have regarding any of the Tech news you post. Let me know if you would be interested and I can set up an account for you tomorrow if you give me your email address and name. Then you can start posting whenever you like.

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