Visa and Mastercard announce massive data breach, 10 million credit cards compromised

Credit Cards

In the last few days, news has been filtering out that Visa and MasterCard data was compromised by persons unknown. The card issuers have sent private alerts to banks indicating a data breach occurred between January 21, 2012 and February 25, 2012 and official announcements have since been made. After the news broke, payment processor Global Payments Inc. was identified as the compromised party, and we’re now learning that the data theft seems to be extensive.

According to the official alerts sent out by both Visa and MasterCard, so-called Track 1 and 2 data was included in the information stolen. That means the hackers have all the data they need to clone cards from scratch. The banks and credit unions believed to be affected are investigating the breach more thoroughly, and contacting businesses and individuals with potentially compromised accounts. Global Payments has admitted that it did not notice the breach until early March, and some cards have already been used in the wild.

Hard numbers are still difficult to come by, but PSCU, a financial services company dealing with credit unions, has said that 56,455 credit union accounts appear to be involved in the data theft. This might just be the tip of the iceberg, though. A Gartner analyst claims to have spoken with people with Visa and MasterCard who worry the breach could be extremely severe. Early estimates indicate that more than 10 million credit card numbers may have been compromised.

Global Payments is planning to hold a conference call on Monday morning to further explain what happened. We might get more technical details at that time, but things are certainly looking like a mess right now. Best to take a long hard look at that next billing statement.


Apple Offering Royalty Free Liscense On Its New Nano SIM Cards

Apple obviously wants its new nano SIM card to become popular, as it would give the company more room inside its iPhone by using a much smaller and thinner SIM card.

According to a recent report by Foss Patents, Apple has the support of most of the Europeancarriers for its new SIM card standard, but some companies seem to be worried about using the new SIM card as Apple owns the patents to it.

iPhone 4S

Moneto NFC Enabled microSD Cards For Android Go On Sale

Last month we heard about a new service called Moneto, that would bring NFC payments to non NFC enabled smartphones, the service uses an NFC enabled microSD card and Moneto is being released for Android, and also Apple’s iOS device with an NFC enabled case.

Moneto has just launched the Android version, and the NFC enabled microSD card will set you back $30, with that you get a 1GB microSD card, an NFC signal boosting sticker, a prepaid debit card and $10 credit.

Moneto NFC Enabled microSD Cards For Android Go On Sale

Samsung Launches New Range Of Rugged Metal SD And microSD Cards

Samsung has rolled out a new line of rugged SD Cards and microSD cards this week which have been designed for digital imaging and mobile devices. The new line of advanced Samsung SD and microSD cards are finished in brushed metal and are available in High Speed Series 2GB to 32GB available in either Class 4, 6, and 10 varieties, and from 2GB to 8GB in the Plus Extreme Speed Series, all of which are also Class 10.

Samsung says that it’s new line cards are guaranteed to survive being submerged in water for up to 24 hours, being run over by a 3,200 pound vehicle, or resist can a magnetic current nearly as strong as medical magnets. Making sure that your data on the cards is given the best chance possible to survive whatever conditions you might throw at it. Prices after the jump.

Samsung rugged SD Cards