MacBook Touch: Concept Video Shows What Touchscreen Apple Laptop Might Look Like

Macbook Touch

After Apple introduced the iPhone’s touchscreen technology in 2007, it was only natural that fans would start speculating as to whether it would ever be incorporated into the company’s massively popular MacBooks. But with characteristic conviction, Steve Jobs’ put at end to those rumors in 2010 when, at an unveiling for the OS X Lion, he declared that “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical.”

For the Lenovo Yoga’s sake, let’s hope Jobs was wrong about that. And also because a new concept video, posted on YouTube earlier this week by French architect Olivier Terrisse, shows how awesome a ‘MacBook Touch’ could be, combining the MacBook’s sharp display with a flip-and-fold design.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look we can be looking forward to a MacBook Touch anytime soon. But if the latest rumors are true, Apple fans should have enough to get excited about over the next year: In addition to the 4G iPhone 5, which a number of sources have said will be released in October 2012, the company is also rumored to be developing a mini 7.5-inch version of the iPad as well as an Apple TV, which could be here in time for the holidays.



Watch The Future, Smartphone Wrist Control Concept

A new watch concept has been created by F.Bertrand called the “Watch The Future”, which has been designed to enable you to link to application on your smartphone. Enabling you to control and receive updates directly on your wrist.

The “Watch The Future” concept wrist watch can display the weather, your contacts, stock exchange information, SMS messages, Facebook updates, your GPS location and more. As well as keeping you update-to-date with the current time.

Watch The Future

BlackBerry Blade Concept Smartphone

At the moment Blackberry could do with all the help it can get, to pull itself out the declining sales trajectory its currently following. But designs such as the one created by Toronto based design studio Pixelcarve, detailing a new concept for a Blackberry Blade smartphone, might help RIM turn a corner if they are adopted.

Blackberry Blade Concept

Marshall Freeplayer Vintage Speaker Concept

Designer Michaël Imbert has created a concept Vintage Marshall speaker called the Marshall Freeplayer, which has been designed to provide you with a speaker system for all your modern day music needs. The Marshall FreePlayer has been designed to be equipped with Bluetooth and has been styled after Marshall’s famous vintage amplifier.

Marshall Vintage Speaker Concept

Tokyoflash Hybrid Analogue And LCD Concept Watch

We have featured a number of the Tokyflash concept watches here at Geeky Gadgets, with the majority of them being turned into actual watches.

The latest creation is a design submitted to Tokyflash from Peter in the UK, and the watch combines both LCD (or LED) with a mechanical analogue watch movement, as you can see in the photos below.

Tokyoflash Hybrid Watch

Artifact LED Watch Concept

TokyoFlash is showcasing a new concept watch design called the Artifact which has been submitted too their website in the hope of gaining enough votes to help it make the jump from concept to productions. The very unique Artifact watch design has been submitted by Peter from the UK and consists of a LED watch face split into two triangular shaped screens, and at first glance looks like a pair of goggles.

Artifact LED Concept Watch