Apple’s Patent Application for 3D Camera Discovered

Our friends from Patently Apple have discovered an existing patent for an Apple 3D camera, which would definitely maximize the retina displays of new and upcoming devices.


TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case (Video)

The TAT7 iPhone Scuba case is a case for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that will let you use your smartphone underwater, and the case will apparently keep you device waterproof up to 100 feet.

This fun underwater iPhone case and it even comes with some built in buttons so you can access the camera app on your device, although we are not sure if that will work now on thehome screen with the latest version of iOS.

TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case

If you want one,the TAT7 iPhone Scuba case is available for $85 and it is compatible with the iPhone 4and iPhone 4S have a look at the video of it in action below.

Recycled Vintage Radio iPhone and iPod Speaker Docks

Earlier in the week we showed you some cool iPhone docks made from recycled vintage cameras and now we have a couple more iPhone and iPod docks which have been made using some vintage gadgets.

Relectronics have made a range of cool iPhone and iPod docks using some vintage radios, and the devices come with a set of Sony SRS 50 5 watt speakers so you can listen to you favourite tunes whilst charging your iPhone or iPod.

Recycled iPhone and iPod Docks

iPhone and Android passcodes can be bypassed within seconds

Swedish security firm, Micro Systemation, has demonstrated how simple it is to defeat lock screen passcode mechanisms on both iPhone OS and Android devices. To do it, the company shows off their own security tool called XRY, a utility used by law enforcement, military personnel and even the FBI for this very purpose.

In the demonstration below, the hack takes less than a couple of minutes from getting set up to completion. The actual cracking itself takes only seconds, but the passcode-breaking mechanism is a brute force attack. The pin used in the demonstration is “0000” which is likely to be the first number guessed, thus giving us the quickest possible result. A code like “9945” may take considerably longer.

The software not only cracks passcode locks, but can also extract data from locked phones. It is able to copy and decrypt GPS location history, call logs, contacts, texts and even keystroke logs.

XRY is based on a jailbreak-like method of gaining unsanctioned access to mobile devices. Instead of using official backdoors which are sometimes left by manufacturers, the company exploits security flaws found the OS itself. Leveraging these exploits, the software is able to inject code into the device which gives XRY unfettered access to the system, not unlike jailbreaking tools like ac1dsn0w or redsn0w.

In fact, finding exploits in every mobile OS update is what about half of Micro Systemation’s 75 employees do.

The phone and tablet hacking tool sports a fairly intuitive interface, allowing individuals to use it successfully with minimal training. This sounds particularly useful for law enforcement and other agencies with limited monetary and technical resources.

As we’ve all heard, the legality of jailbreaking is on thin ice. However though, when authorities are using tools like XRY to crack criminal’s smartphones, that seems to raise some red flags.

“If police have a warrant to be in the phone, this is just a way to get access to what they’re legally allowed to,” Fakhoury says of the XRY tool. “But if they’re going to a protest and seizing folks for booking, and immediately running this on their phones and sucking everything out, we’ve got a real problem.”

Source: Forbes

Micro Systemation claims its largest XRY client is the U.S. Military. “When people aren’t wearing uniforms, looking at mobile phones to identify people is quite helpful”, Dickinson explained as potential scenario.


We have features a number of different cases for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets that let you carry money or credit cards with your smartphone, but if you are looking for a simpler solution then it may be worth having a look at these Poddities add on clips for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The Poddities is a money clip that can be added to the back of your iPhone, and as you can see from the photo below it is screwed onto the bottom of your iPhone using the existing screws on the device.

Poddities Adds A Money Clip To Your iPhone

Poddities Adds A Money Clip To Your iPhone

ODOC iPhone Dock Twists To The Perfect Viewing Angle (video)

The ODOC iPhone dock is currently over on the Kick-starter website, looking to raise enough money to help it into production. One of the unique features of the ODOC iPhone and iPod docking station, is the ability to change the angle of your Apple device simply by twisting the dock. Allowing you to position it perfectly for Facetime or Skype calls.

ODOC iPhone Dock


The ODOC iPhone dock has been designed by Richard Singer an independent designer from Silicon Valley. Singer explains a little more about what makes his iPhone dock stand out from the crowd.

“ODOC is a minimal, timeless design that cues user intuition. Simply twist ODOC’s cylindrical form to set the perfect angle for viewing and using the iPhone’s touchscreen display. A ball-bearing mechanism locks the cylinder in five different positions. This patent-pending design intrigues and delights the user through its intuitive function. The cylinder holds iPhones with or without cases, and its weight is sufficient for single-handed iPhone removal. Backrests of different thicknesses adjust for the iPhone without a case and with cases of different thicknesses, storing inside the cylinder when not in use.”

Recylced Vintage Camera iPhone Dock

If you are looking for somethign different to charge your iPhone or iPod with then you may want to have a look at these recycled vintage camera iPhone and iPod docks from Roberto Altieri.

There are a couple of different versions available made from a range of vintage Pentax and Minolta cameras and each one is unique and comes with a built in USB cable.

Recylced Vintage Camera iPhone Dock

FabX Maxx Spectra Hand Strap iPhone 4/4S Case

There are plenty of iPhone cases on the market which have been designed to protect your Apple smartphone from drops and knocks. But FabX have created a more unique style iPhone 4/4S case called the Maxx Spectra.

The Maxx Spectra has been fitted with an elastic strap on the rear that uses two clips to allow you to slip your hand between it providing a hand strap.

FabX Maxx Spectra

Black SMS iPhone App Keeps Your SMS Content Safe With Encryption

iPhone users that would prefer to keep their SMS message content concealed from prying eyes. Might be interested in a new iPhone application that has been created called Black SMS.

Black SMS has been designed to encrypt your SMS messages with a password and hides the encrypted data inside a black chat bubble, shown in the picture below.

Black SMS iPhone