Netflix Buys Domain

Do you think that DVDs are dead? Sure instant streaming is all the rage, but Netflix apparently believes in the DVDs staying power. Don’t believe me? Just go to and you will be magically whisked away to Netflix. It will take you to the subdomain


Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box Adds Netflix And LoveFilm To Your TV

As well as announcing their new line-up of dual-view gaming HDTVs arriving in the second quarter of 2012. Phillips have also this week launched its new Philips HMP2000 set top box, which has been designed to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and other set top boxes.

The Philips HMP2000 will connect to any HDTV with a HDMI port and provides services such as Netflix, LoveFilm and YouTube, As well as BBC/Channel 4 content which is supplied via Netflix, rather than either iPlayer or 4oD.

Phillips HMP2000

Author:Julian Horsey