MacBook Touch: Concept Video Shows What Touchscreen Apple Laptop Might Look Like

Macbook Touch

After Apple introduced the iPhone’s touchscreen technology in 2007, it was only natural that fans would start speculating as to whether it would ever be incorporated into the company’s massively popular MacBooks. But with characteristic conviction, Steve Jobs’ put at end to those rumors in 2010 when, at an unveiling for the OS X Lion, he declared that “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical.”

For the Lenovo Yoga’s sake, let’s hope Jobs was wrong about that. And also because a new concept video, posted on YouTube earlier this week by French architect Olivier Terrisse, shows how awesome a ‘MacBook Touch’ could be, combining the MacBook’s sharp display with a flip-and-fold design.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look we can be looking forward to a MacBook Touch anytime soon. But if the latest rumors are true, Apple fans should have enough to get excited about over the next year: In addition to the 4G iPhone 5, which a number of sources have said will be released in October 2012, the company is also rumored to be developing a mini 7.5-inch version of the iPad as well as an Apple TV, which could be here in time for the holidays.



NASA Has A New Rocket Sled

NASA has made plenty of rockets, but it’s not everyday that you see rocket sleds. This is their latest. It’s not custom made for Santa to deliver presents this December, but instead, it’s designed to replicate “the forces a supersonic spacecraft would experience prior to landing.”

Samsung Trademarks Three New Galaxy Names

It looks like Samsung has a few more device to add to its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, as the company has trademarked three new Galaxy brand names.

The three new names are for the Samsung Galaxy Grand, the Samsung Galaxy Premier and the Samsung Galaxy Next, and it looks like these patents are related to mobile phones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Windows Phone Marketplace Launches In 13 New Countries

Microsoft has now expanded its Windows Phone Marketplace to thirteen more countries around the world making a total of 54 countries where the Windows Phone Marketplace is available.

The thirteen new countries include Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

Windows Phone

New Sony A99 Camera Equipped With 102 Autofocus Points?

ts been reported on the SonyAlpha Rumours website today that a close source has contacted the and revealed that the new Sony A99 camera currently in development is equipped with a massive 102 point autofocus system. Apparently Sony is already testing the new system on A99 prototypes which according to the source are currently in the hands of photographers under going field testing.

Sony A99

Asus Transformer Prime To Get New Feature Update This Week

It looks like the Asus Transformer Prime will be getting a software update this week that will bring a range of new features to the popular Android tablet.

Asus has posted on their Italian Facebook page that the update will bring lock screen notification management, plus the ability to delete notifications and also the ability to go directly to that particular app.

Asus Transformer Prime

New Marshall Fridge Is The Coolest Around (video)

If you are looking for an extra cool way to keep your drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature. You might be interested in this awesome Marshall fridge which offers 4.4 of chiller cabinet to store your supplies. Finished with authentic Marshall facing and logos. Watch a preview of the Marshall Fridge in the teaser video after the jump.

Marshall Fridge


The Marshall Fridge is even equipped with knobs that go all the way to eleven, and a Jim Marshall signature to complete the look. Enjoy!

The Marshall Fridge will be arriving in stores during October 2012 and will be available to purchase for around $300. However you can now register on the Marshall Fridge website to receive updates once stock arrives.

Marshall Fridge


Australian Government To Take Apple To Court Over 4G Claims On New iPad?

It looks like Apple could be in trouble the the Australian Government over the 4G claims on their new iPad, whilst the iPad comes with a 4G connection, at the moment this only works in the US and it is not compatible with Australia’s 4G network which runs on the 1800Mhz frequency.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced that they will be making a application to the federal court in Melbourne against Apple.

New iPad

Amazon To Launch Three New Kindle Tablets This Year?

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Amazon are working on a new Kindle tablet to go alongside their already popular Kindle Fire tablet, and the new device is rumored to feature a larger display.

We have also heard previously that the company is expected to launch a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet which features a 7 inch display, and now it looks like they may also launch a third model.

Kindle Fire

New iPad Heat Levels Similar To Android Tablets

There have been a number of reports over the last few weeks that Apple’s new iPad runs hotter than the iPad 2, we even had a statement from Apple saying that this is normal.

Now the guys from PC world decided to compare the running temperatures of the new iPad against a number of different Android tablets, and it turns out that the running temperatures are very similar.

New iPad