Taiwan Slashes HDD Prices

Thank you Supply-and-Demand Economics! We now have an HDD Sale!

Retail channels from Taiwan will slash about 10% at the end of April to adjust inventories and promotes sales. A 3.5 inch 500 GB model went from NT$2,200 (US$75)  to below NT$2,000, according to industry sources.



Battlefield 3 Dedicated Server Prices

The latest Battlefield 3 patch which has been released within the last 24 hours has now brought the ability for console gamers to setup and enjoy dedicated Battlefield 3 servers. DICE is currently implementing a soft launch for the servers, that won’t reach full capacity until next week.

The new Battlefield 3 patch is just over 1GB in size, and enables you to create both private and public dedicated Battlefield 3 server, and manage them from your console.

Battlefield 3

Acer brings five monitors to the US, prices range from $139 to $329

If that display up there looks familiar, it’s because it’s already won itself a fancy schmancy iF product design award. But as Prospero would say, ’tis new to thee — at least if you live on this side of the Atlantic. Acer just announced it’s bringing that very S23HL monitor to the US, along with four other models whose screens range in size from 20 to 27 inches. The S235HL is clearly the star of the show here, with a half-inch-thick frame and asymmetrical stand. (It has 1080p resolution and VGA / HDMI ports too, if you’re interested in more than just the design.) Intrigued? You can expect to fork over $219 for it when it lands stateside next month.

Moving on, Acer also has two other 23-inch, 1080p monitors — the S230HL Abd and Abii — with the former packing VGA and DVI ports, and the latter trading DVI for two HDMI sockets. Look for those in April for $169 and $189, respectively. Of the lot, the most expensive is the 27-inch S271HL, a 27-inch, 1080p monitor with DVI, HDMI and a VESA mount. You can snag one now for a cool $329. Last but not least, if you’re on a tighter budget there’s the 20-inch S200HL, which has a more modest 1600 x 900 resolution, along with VGA and DVI ports. That’s on sale now for $139. More info on all of these in the PR after the break, though we’re pretty sure we passed on all the pertinent details already.

SkyDrive Desktop App Arriving On Windows and OS X, Prices Revealed

It’s been revealed by Brazilian site Gemind that Microsoft’s new SkyDrive cloud service, will soon be launching applications on both Windows and OS X, and will include paid storage solutions for customers.

The screenshot leaked by Gemind shows and array of options ranging from 20GB, 50GB, or 100GB that will be priced at $10, $25, or $50 per year. Which is very competitive when compared to similar services offering cloud file storage and backup services, such as Dropbox who currently offers $9.99 for 50Gb up to 100GB for $19.99 both on a monthly basis.



Author:Julian Horsey