3-Axis Joystick Turns Your Phone’s Camera Into A Joystick

Phones. there just isn’t enough room on them for proper gaming. That must be why we are always looking for better ways to attach joysticks to them. If you put it on your screen, you are blocking some of the action and that’s no good. A research group at Keio University has the answer. The 3-Axis analog joystick is an elastic device that goes over the front facing camera of your smartphone and acts as a joystick.


New Amazon App Turns Any Android Device Into A Kindle

Amazon has today rolled out a new update for their Kindle application for Android, enabling you to now transform any Android device into a Kindle device.

Once installed the newly updated application brings you support for your Kindle Format 8 files and DRM free books, which you may have purchased from other e-book sellers. As long as the e-books are in one of the supported formats which includes PDF, MOBI, HTML or DOC, you will now be able to transfer them to your Android Devices.

Kindle Android App