Screen Grabs: Vampire Diaries uses Galaxy Note to scratch out sinister signals

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The residents of Mystic Falls, Virginia are the most tech-savvy bunch of supernatural creatures we’ve ever seen. If Edward Cullen and Bella Swan bothered to email each other, then we’d have been spared the horrors of New Moon. Quite the opposite here, as The Vampire Diaries folks have their fingers close to the undead pulse of gadgets, with one character in last night’s episode refusing to type a text message so they could write out their response with an S-Pen. Fans of the show that keep score should know that it currently stands two to Microsoft, two to Google and the fate of humanity all to play for.


EVE Online Developer Details Vampire MMO World of Darkness

More details have emerged about CCP’s vampire-themed MMO, World of Darkness, chief among them the revelation that the game is far from cancelled, despite rumors suggesting otherwise. Following CCP’s merger with White Wolf, the new property will apparently be taking a lot of its cues from Vampire: The Masquerade, which instantly propels it to the top of my list of games to watch.